General FAQs

What grades are offered by the Arkansas Virtual Academy?

ARVA offers grades K–12.

What subjects will my child study?

Language Arts, Math, Science, History, Music, and Art are the core courses. There will also be other courses in the appropriate grade levels, such as Physical Education, Health, and Arkansas History. Visit our K–8 online courses and high school online courses section.

Does the program provide textbooks and other instructional materials?

Yes, we provide all the textbooks and instructional materials that are needed to complete the school year. These books and materials are sent to students directly. High school students receive fewer hard copy books and materials than elementary and middle school students but receive many online components to the curriculum.

Can my child work at his or her own pace?

The online K–8 program and high school are self-paced and flexible within the parameters specified by state law.

What does it cost to attend the Arkansas Virtual Academy?

Because ARVA is a public charter school, there is no tuition. ARVA provides all instructional materials for the program and offers students who qualify a computer system and printer. However, students and families will be responsible for providing some consumable materials (such as pencils, paper and printer ink).

Do you provide curriculum for children with special needs?

Depending on your child's IEP, we should be able to tailor our curriculum to meet your child's needs. See below for additional information about rights and responsibilities regarding the education of a child on an IEP:

If you suspect that your child may have an unidentified disability, please view this document [PDF].

To discuss your child's needs with us, please contact our office at and we will put you in touch with our special education team.

Can you accommodate the accelerated learning needs of my gifted/talented child?

The beauty of our K–12 school is that it is flexible enough to meet children where they are in any given subject and take them where they want to go. For example, after reviewing diagnostic assessments, if your educational team determines that your fourth grader is doing math at a sixth-grade level and reading at a fourth-grade level, an Individualized Learning Plan will be developed that tailors the curriculum and lesson plans to meet your student’s abilities. Also see our gifted and talented student section.

Since students do not go to a physical school building every day, how do they interact socially?

Throughout the year, students are invited to participate in school outings, field trips (to historical sites, museums, zoos, etc.), picnics, and other social events. We also support local clusters of students and parents to get together on a regular basis in their areas. In addition, with online discussions and forums, new types of communities can be formed that are based not on geography but on shared interests.

Will this program intrude into my home?

Home visits are not a typical component of the school. This school was created to help your child obtain a first-class education while allowing you to serve your family's needs. If you ever feel that it is not right for your family or your child, you can dis-enroll your child at any time.

Does ARVA accept students who have been expelled from another Arkansas public school?

Pursuant to statute, the Arkansas Virtual Academy is a public school and does not have to accept students who have been expelled from an Arkansas public school. Students who have been expelled from an Arkansas public school and submit an enrollment application to ARVA will be considered on an individual basis. Parents are responsible for informing ARVA upon initial submission of the enrollment application if their students have been expelled from school.